Friday, February 10, 2006

Trying to Make This Quick, as I Should be Doing... Something Productive

The wind blow high and the wind blow low
Down the streets in my kilt I go
All the lassies say "Hello,
Donald where's your troosers?"
-old Scottish song

So last weekend I went to Bethany College, in Mankato, MN. Kind of a scouting/check-out trip for high school kids, so we could see what we thought of the place, etc. Left Thursday, returned Sunday.

So I got on the bus Thursday night at like 7, caught the end of Coach Carter on the in-bus TV (very dull movie), then Hitch (an ok rom-com). After a while, the trip leader announced that everybody must put all their things (coats, CD players, etc.) in the overhead compartments. This, of course was to strip us of all defenses. Then we played what someone called "speed-dating." You move around the bus, sit next to a person you don't know, and talk for three minutes. Then get up and repeat. Good way to get to know everyone. Everyone was real nice, tho I didn't seem to have much in common with alot of them.

So we arrive, and the group leader announces we have no bedtimes, just like in college. After settling in our cell-like dorms (we were sleeping three and four in two-person rooms) myself and three other guys ordered pizza and buffalo wings. Stayed up till 4 or so waiting for pizza, then eating it, and watching movies.

Friday we had a tour, talked to students and faculty, etc. I really liked the English prof I talked to. (He agreed with me that the fantasy genre is becoming more literate, and bears watching.) Actually, I liked all the faculty people I talked to. I'm seriously considering Bethany, I just wonder if it's too small. Friday night stayed up till 3 or so, hanging out in the student lounge, playing pool, cards, etc.

Saturday they took us to the mall. Saw Walk the Line--excellent, brilliant, brilliant movie. (Need more adjectives.) Went to bookstore, music store. Saturday night being last hurrah, myself and several others stayed up till 4 or 5 (waking up at 7); we played scattergories, golf, spoons, etc. I almost just made a night of it, but after going back up to the dorm to pack, i laid down and fell asleep.

Sunday was more than four hours worth of bus ride home. Myself and three other people were the only ones talking--others had either headphones or were asleep. Saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Red Eye on the in-bus TV. Both good movies.

Sunday I got home about 3. Watched part of a movie, fell asleep. Woke up, went to room, fell asleep. Slept through the Super Bowl. Was glad to hear the Steelers won, for various reasons.

Not much of interest has happened since then. [Reviews post] So much for keeping this short.

(Exit, pursued by another bear)


Come visit my blog said...

[starts off comment with more bear steak] Want some?

Sounds like a nice college. I got a letter the other day from a college in MN. Carleton College. I like the looks of it from all the stuff I've read. It's ranked 5th in the US by US News and World Report.

I'm also still looking at the Concordia colleges too though. CUW or Ann Arbor.

Read my blog.

Aaron Nemoyer said...

It would appear to be the case that we both ended up at Bethany. Funny too how it turns out real college weekends are almost exactly as you experienced. ;-)

Also, excellent song to start this with since it has become one of our good college stand-bys.