Sunday, July 23, 2006

Coming off the High (Mountain)

(EDIT: I realize there are certain people who are not MHers, or Not technically, or are no longer, who I mean also. You know who you are. This is for you too.)

So I'm back from the Feast. After twenty-six hours of bus/car riding, I am home. It feels good to be home, although I miss all the MHers I met in Colorado...


Please forgive me as I wax poetic. Perhaps I should go to bed, and allow my thoughts to clear, but oh well.

One of the most beautiful, yet bittersweet passages I have come across in literature comes (I think) from Le Morte D'Arthur, tho I've seen similar pieces elsewhere. It goes something like this: A knight and his squire are doing the Errant-thing, and they are lured by a beautiful singing voice. They soon find themselves crossing the threshold to a foreign land, a land more beautiful than any they've ever seen. They are led to a castle, whose lord tells them they are in the land of Faery. They are fed a meal more delicious than any they've eaten.

The King talks to them, telling them that they have to leave this land. He further tells them that after being here, all earthly lands will seem pale and even ugly. They will travel alone, unable to tell anybody what they have experienced, for it cannot be understood.

"Then," says the Faery King, "One day you will find another. You will know from the look in his eyes that he has been here, and he will know you, and it will be as the meeting of long-lost brothers."

There are a lot of things this could apply to, one of them being our lives as Christians. We have seen beyond the veil, however dimly, and life here on earth seems pale in comparison. But meeting other Christians, we share something unspoken and indescribable. And this was what it was like meeting MoutherHousers at HT. Like coming across a whole group of lost siblings. (Or something like that.) We share something special, and unspoken, and that's all I'm going to or can say about it.

Please forgive me if this is dripping with sap. I shall write something about the actual conference soon, but now I believe it's time to go to bed.

Rath de Ort (Peace of God),

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Check out my White Stripes

Get behind me
Get behind me now, anyway
Get behind me
Get behind me now, anyway
--"Blue Orchid," The White Stripes


So a while ago a friend and I at the library were discussing pick-up lines (don't ask). Somehow I had the "brilliant" inspiration to use the White Stripes' song "Blue Orchid" as source material: "Hey, baby, get behind me now anyway."

Surprisingly, all the scenarios in which I used that line ended with me getting slapped in the face. So we looked at other songs. "Little Ghost little ghost, one i'm scared of the most, can you scare me up a little bit of love?" was considered, but then rejected on the basis that females don't usually appreciate the implication that one can see through them.

The end of Apple Blossom, "Put your troubles in a little pile, and I will sort them out for you," could possibly work in certain circumstances, but the follow-up, "I'll fall in love with you, i think I'll marry you," seemed to be coming on a bit strong.

Similar problem: "You're pretty good-looking, for a girl" might be concievable in a crowded room where they couldn't hear you clearly, but being so literal-minded I would have to add that "Your thoughts have been stolen by the boys who took you out and bought you everything you own now."

In the end, we decided, White Stripes "Don't work." It was moved that the entire conversation be stricken from the record, but that movement was put down as I needed something to put on my blog. So there you go.

I warned you.

(Exit, pursued by a bear)