Monday, April 10, 2006

A Test and a Survey

It's always better on Holiday
So much better on Holiday
That's why we only work when
We need the money
--"Jacqueline", by Franz Ferdinand

Hujambo, bwana na bibi!

Well, I took the bleedin' ACT Saturday. For a three-hour test, early in the morning, it went as well as can be expected. I'm trying not to think about it too much, or guess how I did at all but:
English was pretty easy. Some tricky questions, but... pretty much common sense. Math... well, no walk in the park, but the problems were easier than I expected. Reading was hard, because, being a Book Geek, I felt the tendency (native to my people) to analyze every passage, rather than skimming it. In Science I tended to take too long answering questions, and having to rush later questions. The writing part... I won't even get into what a horrible essay I crafted in half an hour.

Now on to N's "survey"...

Profile.1.Name- Ethan
2.Age- As old as my gums, and a little older then my teeth
3.Height- Taller than some, shorter than others
4.Shoe size- 11 (I had to answeer one straight)
5.Ring size- Dunno. Why?
6.Unusual habits- I'll list one of many: much of my slang comes from-or is adapted from- across the Pond.
7.Eye color- Blue/green (blue when I wear blue colors, green when I wear green)
8.Length of left big toe- about eight cm.
9. Around 3 cm.
10.Number in your graduating (or present) class- 1.
11.Graduation year (high school)- 2007
12.Graduation year (college)- 2011or 2012, depending...
13.Graduation year (seminary)- Four years after i graduate from college, that is if I go to Sem (which I'm not sure...)
14.Major (planned) in college- English probably, if possible with an emphasis on Creative Writing... Unless I find a doable college with Creative Writing as a major... that would be cool.
15.Address- Somewhere In America.
16.Social security number- Right. Nice try.
17.Zip code- Nosy beggar, aren't you?
Favorites and two Least Favorites.33.Favorite Movie- Wow. Um. LotR and SW come to mind, and most recently Serenity (brilliant movie!) Also some old Rom-Coms like Philadelphia Story. And Arsenic and Old Lace.
19.Favorite TV show- *Huffy voice* well it WAS "Arested Development" until they bleedin' cancelled it... So now I'd have to say Lost.
20.Favorite CD- Um... Dropkick Murphys' "Blackout," or "Good Morning Spider" by Sparklehorse As a whole, the two best CDs I own.. 21.Favorite tape-I don't own that many tapes, but the best would be Arkangel's production of Shakespeare's "Love's Labor's Lost" (assuming you meant audio tapes and not video).
22.Favorite band- I have many (see fav.s list), but if I had to choose one to be stuck on an island with, it would be Sparklehorse. Or Dropkick Murphys. Or Ashley MacIsaac. (Hey, I narrowed it down to three.)
23.Favorite superhero- Conan the Barbarian, the original, as in the Robert E. Howard stories.
24.Favorite book- Talk about opening a can of worms... I guess Tom Sawyer or Lord Jim... or LotR.
25.Favorite poster- My Yoda "Read and the Force is with You" poster.
26.Favorite Brady child- I want to kill them all.
27.Favorite American Idol- See 26.
28.Favorite X-man- Wolverine, from the time I was very young.
29.Favorite member of NSYNC- See 27.
30.Favorite sport- Fencing of football.
31.Favorite weapon- My paintball gun, because it's mine.
18.Favorite clothing brand- Goodwill.
34.Favorite Higher Things blog- Borghardt’s Reflector.
35.Favorite restaurant- Something that serves good food.
36.Favorite food- It varies depending on my mood.
37.Favorite type of restaurant- Good pizza parlors.
38.Favorite type of food- Anything edible.
39.Favorite color- Red.
40.Favorite period of history- The Dark Ages (aka the early Middle Ages) or the high Middle Ages... or WWII
41.Favorite Muppet- I dunno.
42.Favorite alcoholic beverage- Communion wine.
43.Favorite musical instrument-My guitar.
44.Favorite candle scent- Lilac, an old standby for my mom's birthday.
45.Favorite operating system- Windows. *Cringes from Mac people*
46.Favorite smiley face- ;-)
47.Least favorite book- Sounder. Awful book. Also I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which I ran into once while shelving, looked at, and almost burned.
48.Least favorite candle scent- I have no least favorite candle scent.
49.Have you ever gone toga-ing? No. Want to.
50.Have you ever blown up, set on fire, or mutilated an action figure? Oh yes... Many many. (EE Hehehe!)
51.Have you ever tried to eat a fake decorative fruit? No. I took a bite out of a lump of butter, thinking it was ice cream.
52.Have you ever gone trick-or-treating since your childhood? Yes, "escorting" sibling and cousins (but really in it for the pity candy).53.Have you ever killed a seagull? No. Tried. failed.
54.Have you ever eaten a dog biscuit? No.
55.Have you ever fired a high powered rifle? Yes! Such fun.
56.Have you ever worn a dress? No.
57.Have you ever tried hitting a piece of technology to make it work? Yes. It doesn't help, just hurts its feelings.
58.Have you ever head banged through the entire guitar solo in Bohemian Rhapsody? Um... No. 59.Have you ever deep-fat fried a random food item and eaten it? No. sounds like fun. I ate deep fried Snickers at the County Fair.
60.Have you ever been in a blog war? No.
Miscellaneous61.How many HT conferences have you been to? Two.
62.Do you know how to play any musical instruments? If you can, which kinds? I used to play piano. I'm teaching myself guitar.
63.Did anyone notice that I switched numbers 33 and 18? Yes indeed.
64.Did anyone notice the other numbering errors? Not really.
65.Did anyone actually look for other numbering errors? No.
66.If you had to dress up as one Star Trek character, which one would it be? Spock, just for the ears.
67.Do you have any odd hobbies? Too many to list. For one thing, I still have battles between my plastic soliders.
68.What's the most random gift you've ever given or received? toilet paper.
69.Sith or Jedi? SITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
70.How do you like your steak cooked? With meat in.
71.If someone paid you $5, would you drink Dr. Pepper out of the navel of a hairy Scottsman? No. Add a few zeros and we'll talk. I would however, put on a kilt and pay someone five dollars to drink Dr. Pepper from my navl. Does this mean I'm a hairy Scotsman? (By the way, Scotsman is spelled with one 't'.)
72.Did you enjoy filling out this tag form? Sure.
73.Will you be prepared at The Feast to party every night with The Mop and Patty? Sure.... assuming I'm there. Which is still in question.
74.Do you vow never to tag, as well as never respond to tags, ever again? NEVER!!!!!
75.Which three people do you choose to tag? 1) Sir N. (Take that!) 2) Elizabeth 3) Jeremy


Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

I was supposed to take the ACT that Saturday.... but I was sick :( so I had to reschedule for the May test date.

I like your answer to number two on the questionaire. Classic.

Ethan said...

That stinks a (about being sick)... I will probably be taking it again in June, but I'm hoping to get the results of this one in time (and that they're high enough)to not have to do that.