Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Part 1: Recent Writings

Well, here it is, by popular demand, the poem I wasn't going to post. But you gotta give the public what they want, right? ;-) :-D

So anyway, read if you like, but don't say I didn't warn you.


And you sat there
holding my hand
you made my thoughts
travel distant lands

You sank to the ground
in a pool of red velvet
and the tears flowed all round us
but you smiled
that made it alright

the Lady said to me
come stay a while with me
the Lady stole a kiss from me
and sang soft so sweetly

she told me Know,
wherever you go
they'll be no one who knows
till your tears well and flow

And there will come a time
you see each other's eyes
you join hands together
your souls upward fly

And you sat there
holding my hand
and as you sat there
you had me at your command

those Times are over
our souls have split
i've gone all strange
you've gone with It

but late in the deep
dark of the night
i recall your face
it turns dark to light

And i look in your eyes
i see myself there
and i see also
what i don't dare

don't ever change
stay as you are
burning by night
the northern Star

we both drank from the Chalice
aye, faith, we can see
we held hands together
by the shore of the sea

And you sat
holding my hand
your hair tied like silk
in a black velvet band

there you sit
holding my hand
and worlds and worlds
are at your command


Heidi said...

I don't think you give yourself enough credit, Ethan. :-) I like your poem. And it's much better than many I have written. :-)

Emily said...

I liked it a lot, very nice. ^_^ In one or two places the wording was a smidge choppy but the one that stuck out the most was "the Lady said to me
come stay a while with me
the Lady stole a kiss from me
and sang soft so sweetly"

There were a lot of "me"s and I think the last line needs a little re-wording but I still liked it. =) Good job

Ethan said...

Och, weel..... *mumbles embarassedly*

Seriously tho, thanks for the compliments. I've never actually shared poetry with anyone before. :D

Heidi, thanks again, and I don't remember if I said this elsewhere, but that's a really cool poem on your blog. :-)

Emily, thanks for the tip, I'll remember that if I ever do anything with the poem. :D

Medicus Cantus said...

Good poem...I really liked it :)

Ethan said...

Thanks, Medicus. :D

M said...

That one great poem! It long, too. I generally peter out after 6 verses. Mine are generally not "deep" at all but generally personify weather or nature.
I thought I could write poems...if i didn't like your poem so much i might go away and pout.-:)
Do you-all count limericks as poems or do you consider them a butchering of the English language?

Ethan said...

Thanks, m. I like limericks. If they're done well, they can be fun. I did try writing one once, for a school project. Now THERE was a butchery of the English language. And several forms of poetry. And probably a few rules of common decency.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...
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Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...
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Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

It truly is a very good poem, Ethan. I really like it. As you said before, it has a bit of you in it that makes it more and that much greater and that much deeper. I salute your skill with the pen because while art is my better medium, poetry and the written arts are definitely yours.

Ethan said...

I wasn't going to say aw shucks, but, well,

Aw shucks. :D

i really should find some synonyms for this, but thanks, Aaron. I would like to see some of your art sometime.

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Someday I ought to remember to post some art on my blog...

Emily said...

-- I changed the link to my blog so if you still want to read it you might want to go to


instead of cursed writer.


Ethan said...

okay. i was wondering about that, since the cursedwriter link wasn't working...


Anonymous said...

lolololololol hahahahahaha! rolfrolfrolfrolf! snickersnickersnickersnicker!



Ethan said...


I'm starting to think I'm not the one who needs help........