Saturday, July 08, 2006

Check out my White Stripes

Get behind me
Get behind me now, anyway
Get behind me
Get behind me now, anyway
--"Blue Orchid," The White Stripes


So a while ago a friend and I at the library were discussing pick-up lines (don't ask). Somehow I had the "brilliant" inspiration to use the White Stripes' song "Blue Orchid" as source material: "Hey, baby, get behind me now anyway."

Surprisingly, all the scenarios in which I used that line ended with me getting slapped in the face. So we looked at other songs. "Little Ghost little ghost, one i'm scared of the most, can you scare me up a little bit of love?" was considered, but then rejected on the basis that females don't usually appreciate the implication that one can see through them.

The end of Apple Blossom, "Put your troubles in a little pile, and I will sort them out for you," could possibly work in certain circumstances, but the follow-up, "I'll fall in love with you, i think I'll marry you," seemed to be coming on a bit strong.

Similar problem: "You're pretty good-looking, for a girl" might be concievable in a crowded room where they couldn't hear you clearly, but being so literal-minded I would have to add that "Your thoughts have been stolen by the boys who took you out and bought you everything you own now."

In the end, we decided, White Stripes "Don't work." It was moved that the entire conversation be stricken from the record, but that movement was put down as I needed something to put on my blog. So there you go.

I warned you.

(Exit, pursued by a bear)


Emily said...

I like the "Your pretty good lookin' for a girl" one... I think its probably a song I've never heard or something so i really wouldnt get it but...

You should quote poetry or something =P Not weird songs like Blue Orchid... that is a weird song... I dont even know what the words are... except for something about orchids... Why am I rambling?

Ethan said...

Blue Orchid is a great song, tho it would have been better if I'd had actual audio rather than just words--it loses something, just reading it.......... ah well.

Rambling works. Look at my posts. Most of them are extended rambles.

rachel e said...

Hey Ethan, neat blog! Funny pick up lines, there...I must agree that White Stripes would not be my first choice of source material. But then again, neither would the book Song of Songs from the Bible:

"Your hair is like a flock of goats."


I'll see you at the Feast, yes? I believe you were on Aaron's list.


Ethan said...

Hey Rachel, thanks, and yes you shall see me at the Feast.

So women don't like being associated with smelly animals that eat anything in sight?

Drat, there goes my back up source. ;-)

Anan said...

"So women don't like being associated with smelly animals that eat anything in sight?" Or peeple that act like gorillas. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hmm, since you don't seem to be giving up what you're smoking, at least tell me where i can get some.

Colin C.

PS remember, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH crack.

Seth said...

Hey, nice blog.

The White Stripes are awexome, I agree. Blue Orchid is a pretty cool song. Love that bizarro-metal sound. :)

I'm actually listening to The White Stripes Elephant right now. Excellent album.



Ethan said...

Hey, thanks Seth.

I think Elephant is the only album of theirs I haven't heard at least a little of.

Were you at DtbL St Louis?

Seth said...

I was, actually. Why?

Ethan said...

I think I remember you from there. I THINK I creeped you out with my t-shirt telling the world to kiss my boxers.

Seth said...


Hmmm, I can't remember that.... Perhaps it happened. Strange, I think I would have remembered that. :)

How do you know it was me?

Ethan said...

T-shirt was in Irish, actually, but it meant 'kiss my boxers'.

Anyway, same name, and I remember seeing your blog a little afterward and thinking that was you, and some other stuff.

Perhaps I was mistaken, but I thought so.

Seth said...

Ah. OK. Could be, I guess.



p.s. Would you mind if I put your blog on my blogroll?

Ethan said...

Nah, put me on your blogroll, I don't mind.

(I like being on people's blogrolls ;-) :D)