Monday, October 09, 2006







*Deflates like a balloon.*

Sorry. I needed to do that. I'm okay now. Really I am.


PS, added later: This was just me frazzled and blowing off steam. RachelE has a similar, but good blog entry on her blog. teehee. :-D


rachel e said...

Hee hee. Isn't filling out an application ever-so-fun?? ;-)

Which college are you applying to? And for what major? (I'm crazy and have to know this about everyone) :-P

I'm sure you'll do fine. Have a blast, anyway!

Ethan said...

heh... yeah... "Fun" was about the sixth word that came to mind...

This particular application is for UW-Milwaukee. Assuming I got accepted and went there, it would be for the English program, probably with a Creative Writing track.

Thanks for the encouragement. ;-)

rachel e said...

Awesome, my cousin (well, actually second cousin) went to UW Milwaukee for criminal justice. I ate at the campus once...that was about the extent of my experience there, but what I saw of it was a great, high quality school. It's big, but nice. And, well, the coffee was good. It's all that matters, right? ;-)

It's a good thing you're applying early for a better chance of getting in. :-)

Are you also applying to Concordia Mequon? It's in the Milwaukee area, I believe.

Ethan said...

Ooh, good cofeee, one of three deciding factors when I choose a school. ;-)

Yeah, everything I heard said you have to apply pretty early if you want a shot at housing.

Yeah, I'm planning to apply to Mecquon too. I'd like to go to school in that area for lots of reasons; a couple being that I like Milwaukee alot and further UWM has Celtic Studies which you can do even if you don't attend there.

How about you? Are you applying anywhere else except River Falls?

Aaron N. said...

AUGH! <_< More people getting going on applying to colleges! I think I reeeeeeally need to get going on that, but I'm waiting so I'll have first marking period this year on my transcript too. ...actually, I have started on my essay for Hillsdale.

Oooh... Ethan you have to go to Hillsdale so you can join the lightsaber wielding MH faction that we're trying to start there. *nods sagely* *whacks Ethan over the head with a blue lightsaber blade* I believe they have a some good English programs.

Okay, I'll let you go now. vale!

Bob son of Bob said...

how is it that, to Bob's knowlege, all you peep nerds, when not defending/attacking peeps or saving the llamas (cough)have not had time to search out "the lord of the peeps?" it is the saddest, most pitiful and funny thing Bob has seen since demented cartoon movie.

Bob son of Bob said...

oh yes, the adress is

Emily said...

someone needs some caffiene ;)

or something


Ethan said...

Maybe that was me going off caffeine. Or something. ;-)

Aiden Witmore said...

You need a full body massage by a man with very large arms.
Then you need a stint in a night club, and then another massage, and after that, you can go back to your college essays.
You will be very relaxed after all of that.
Possibly hungover, but hey. The massage will loosen you up.