Monday, January 01, 2007


Well hello. It seems we have made it through another year. I seem to have little to say. It's been a good year, all things considered. I got to stop being a Junior halfway through; I became of full legal age to see an R-rated movie. Saw PotC at the midnight showing, with the crowd that sang along and cheered for Jack Sparrow, and so forth. And went to THE FEAST, which was maybe the best thing all year. Also went to the HT retreat in November. I definetly feel closer to my HT and MH friends than at the beginning of the year.

As for last night, well, it was just the family at home. But it was a great way to begin the year. Why? I'll tell you: We beat the bloody Bears! 26-7! I mean, come on, the Bears are supposed to go to the Super Bowl. It won't get us into the playoffs or anything, but it feels great to be able to say that even when they had their best team in twenty years and we had... well, not our best team, certainly, we still beat them on their own bloody field. hehe.

(My apologies to any Bears fans reading this. Sort of. Not really. :P)

Well, If I was smart, I'd have something deep to say in this spot. But all I can think of right now is what our pastor said last night, "Give thanks for 2007, another year of Grace." May it be a blessed one for all of you.




Bob son of Bob said...
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Ethan said...

*Deletes Bob's idiot ramblings*

EH said...

i didn't know we beat the Bears.... I wouldn't care, but i used to have a teacher who was a bears fan and whenever there was a packers/bears game he'd wear a three stooges tie, 'in honor of the Packers'. it was pretty funny...... i haven't seen the three stooges in years. i miss them........ i love shemp. bye then. by the way, hello.

EH said...

i left another comment on a previous post. thought you might not have noticed it.

Ethan said...

So did your teacher make you a Bears fan? Who's Shemp? Why do you leave me with so many questions? By the way, hello.

EH said...

nope, not a Bears fan. not really a football fan at all. and stop messing with my mind! you obviously know who Shemp is so seriously..... btw, hello.