Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Feast 5: Saying Goodbye & The Feast 6: Going Home

(You thought I wouldn't finish it? Ha! I say. And Ha! again. Like certain other people, I am too stubborn.)

(This used to be two posts, but I combined them into one long one.)

Friday at The Feast was bittersweet. Of course, it was wonderful to see all the MH people one last time, but it was that one last time bit that was the killer. Aaron had to leave in the morning, which sucked, but I caught up with him (or his alter ego) before breakfast, and he (or his alter ego) gave me a post card, which was cool. Nathan sat next to me for half of the confessional service, so before he left I was able to give him my priceless piece of Modern Art, and he proved to be surprisingly reliable in passing it on. ;)

Pastor Bender's conclusion was awesome, of course. Pastor Preus's conclusion was actually similar to Pastor Borghardt's, in that the former was talking about vocation, the latter's about what to do with the rest of your life, which is largely tied in with vocation.

At lunch, Heidi and I concluded that, Herr Luther's objections aside, we need to build a monastery for all the MHers to move into. It will have to be out in the country somewhere, or our music and noise will bother the neighbors.

The closing service was beautiful. There was moisture in my eyes, which may or may not have been due to the fact that it was hot in the church. Afterward everyone was running around saying goodbye. I hate saying goodbye and am no good at it, and I hated this as much as anything. But at the same time it was great to know you had all these friends and that they felt the same way you did.

People scattered to vans and cars and buses, and I hoped I hadn't said anything stupid in my haze of exhaustion and undersleep and trying to keep my eyes dry. Paul and Andrew and I walked back to our dorm to get our stuff. Not being them, I don't know how they were feeling, but I was sad. We saw Heidi and Tarja across a lawn and waved at them, and they waved back, which made me cheer up, for no reason I can explain simply.

I think of that as the official end of The Feast. It wasn't the end of the trip, however. The group who had chartered the bus we went on was staying an extra day and night to go river rafting. We had opted to save the money and stay in the city. One of the kids from the group who had broken his wrist and could not raft stayed with us.

We cleared out of our rooms and waited in the Worner Center for the rental car to supposedly be dropped off. We discovered that our Feast-issued passwords still worked in the computer center, so I signed on to the HT Forums and wrote to my parents (something I was supposed to do days earlier), and read the blogs of people I already missed. I left my lightsaber up with Mrs. Gehlbach and whatever kids were there gaurding the luggage, and I could hear it starting and turning off and hitting things, even though I was across the building and down a set of stairs. :D

After we had waited for over an hour, one of the women from HT who helping clean up drove Mrs. Gehlbach down to the rental car place. The brakes on said car squealed terribly, and since we planned to go up Pike's Peak next day, Mrs. Gehlbach went back and exchanged it. We spent the evening walking about the streets of Colorado City, looking in some very interesting shops and shop windows. Apparently before it was Evangelical Capital of the World, it was a hang-out for hippie types, which accounted for some of the weird shops.

We went to our somewhat small, but nice and clean hotel room, and played Apples to Apples, and then went to bed.

We checked out next morning. I can't remember the chronology of events exactly, so I'll put things in a firm order which may be completely wrong. We went up Pike's Peak, and I would like to mention that we prove the posted sign wrong--it recommended half a tank of gas, and we got up and down again on less than a quarter. :D We went to a grocery store then, and bought a lunch to eat at Garden of the Gods. It was fun to create out-of-place items to show to Paul, who would out of habit put them back in place. (I stopped just barely before he hit me.)

We had lunch at Garden of the Gods, and hiked around there for a while. After that we met the bus in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Then we started out for home. I found it much easier to sleep on the bus this time than coming down. Got in Gehlbachs' car there, who brought me back to their house, and from there my dad brought me home.

For postscript, I can come up with nothing better than what I wrote in a haze of sleeplessness that very night. (Now slightly revised and with good spelling! :D)

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Heidi said...

I didn't know you guys stayed longer.

Going up Pike's Peak with little gas isn't dangerous. You know you can *always* get back down. ;)

Anonymous said...

um, hi again. just wanted to let you know that if you emailed me, i didn't receive it. maybe i should check my bloody spam folder. yeah, i'll do that. see ya.

Ethan said...

Heidi: Heh, yeah, that was kinda our back-up plan. :D

Ellen: ... My e-mail is having problems. I'll send you something soon, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

yeah, hi again. i thought it must be something like that..... why don't you guys get, like, some kind of internet that isn't down half the time? i mean, our internet is too, so we're always having to fix it by disconnecting and reconnecting two different devices connected to the computer, i think one of them's called the modem and one of them's called the router. or however you spell it. yeah. ttyl.

Dat One Splatted Mag said...

I think, if you're gonna build a monestary… you might have to build a convent too… akward questions, you know…

Ethan said...

Meh, parents/adults could come... or we could have robot chaperones that shock people when they misbehave.

colin VII said...

i've said it before but this proves it

Ethan said...


You can't prove anything! (Good to see you.)

Bob son of Bob said...

ETHAN!!!! what have we told you about getting attatched to your stalkers!!! bad!

colin VII said...

thank you ethan. shut up bob.