Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Door Co. Reflections

So I was in Door County last week and part of the week before (for the ignorant--if you look at a map of Wisconsin, Door is the little thumb-ish peninsula jutting out into Lake Michigan). The digital camera ran out of batteries on the second day, which was a pity because there really are some spectacular shots to be had up there. (There's a restaurant with goats on the roof, for one thing...) Ah well. At least half of that place's charm is incommunicable to someone who hasn't actually been there.

So despite an overabundance of obnoxious yuppies (mostly from Illinois) and a slightly smaller but still overabundant crop of obnoxious pizzles (most of these, sadly, from Wisconsin), it was a good time. There weren't many experiences to report: went to every bookstore in sight, (as well as every antique store, that one being my mom's fault), went go-karting just after it rained, barely keeping the kart under control and having loads of fun almost-crashing; saw Ratatouille and Pirates at the Drive-In Theatre. There seemed to be fewer pretty girls there than in other years; I have no idea why. I managed to read three books and write most of a short story while there.

I'm thinking of working at Wilson's next summer.


Paul said...

Fewer pretty girls. How sad.

Isn't that, like, the only reason to go places? :P

Bruce Gee said...

Speaking of that restaurant with the grass on the roof: years ago, I mean years and years ago (When life was great), I worked for a season for the company that planted that grass on the roof. It seems it was a process of design, as the first load of sod slid off after the first decent rainstorm.

As for Ratatouille, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I now go around speaking with a Frahch accent.