Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ubiquitous Update

I sit at my desk in my newly shrunken room, breathing in the steam of my 2 AM Ramen, and reflect that my freshman year of college has passed me by. Well, not really. More like it's taken me by the seat in an uncomfortable sort of wedgie and dragged me kicking and screaming and spouting bits of Hamlet along for the ride. If that metaphor doesn't make sense, it's because it's 2 AM and I am tired.

What can I say about college that isn't infinitely more cliched than my last paragraph? It's like nothing one is ever likely to experience, before or after. I miss it, at the moment, except for the part about having classes which I'm currently pretty burned out on. But I can't bring myself to miss it too much, yet. For as awesome as infinite soda at lunch and talking to people in the shower and 3 AM pizza runs and staying up all night to walk to Wal-Mart all is, it's also all extroversion; college leaves precious little room for introverts like me. As for people, really I only miss one or two--again, that's at the moment. This may seem rather un-nostalgic, especially for me, but I think it would be different if I weren't going back there in about 3 months--if I were leaving for good, this would be a far weepier paragraph. I have a feeling senior year's going to be a treat.

For classes this semester, I'll give the succinct version. Computer Apps was fairly stupid--the two weeks on Excel were useful, but for everything else I could have learned as much by opening whatever program we were looking at and clicking stuff. Speech was good in that it forced me to write and give speeches, the only way to improve that skill; though it was often boring and tempting to call superfluous. Biology was excellent, because of a good teacher; my dissatisfaction with that class comes mainly from my general disinterest in Biology. (Though if I had to be a scientist, I'd be a geneticist.) World Politics was always interesting, because of the wildly divergent views of the teacher and various students. Roman Lit was fun, if only because the teacher made Monty Python references as often as possible. Religion was basic Lutheranism, which meant I could linguistically doodle through that class. I didn't have any really mind-blowing classes this semester--I missed having classes like first semester's Ancient History (which was mind-blowing because of the teacher) and Sociology (mind-blowing because of the teacher and the subject). But such is life.

So that's all I've got to say on that. Posts of greater interest to come.


Bruce Gee said...

Ubiquitous, eh? Ubiquity. That is such a...such a BIG subject.

But nevertheless, and I know your little home-cell is anything but ubuiquitous--welcome home and we'll be seeing you TWICE I HOPE next week! Read the material, represent your clan.



NOT Freddy Jones said...

Welcome back. I have four words of welcome for you;

Razor. Bathroom. Shave. Now.

Cheers, goat-boy. (:

Darth Nemoyer said...

As good a friend as you are, dear nemesis, you are a little wretch. What with you having posted such an excellent summary of last semester, I feel compelled to do likewise. Hmph. This being a writer business is nothing but a nuisance.

Ethan said...

Bruce: I'll be there, TWICE (I think). No promises on the reading, though--I just got out of school. :P

Not Fred: Thank you for the welcome. No thank you for the "advice." (I shaved less than a week ago, I'll have you know.)

Nemoyer: Haha. You lose, yet again, and I watch and eat popcorn.