Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, the end of this school year seems considerably less climactic than the end of the last one. Though, I didn't let myself get rushed into a relationship I didn't ultimately want this year, so I suppose there are always trade-offs.

The main point of this post is to talk about my summer plans. That is, it is a pre-emptive excuse post for not blogging all summer.

I got a job as a cook at a restaurant up in Door County, WI, which for those who don't know is the "thumb" of Wisconsin, the bit of a peninsula jutting into Lake Michigan. It's a beautiful place, and I'm happy to be going there. I will miss people around Madison, by which I largely mean my family and the Book Klub.

I may also miss the internet, for what with my own sad computer situation (having a crappy old laptop which in theory has internet capabilities but in practice is a piece of crap), I will probably end up using a lot of library computers, and librarians watch you like hawks to make sure you don't overstay your time.

Which means, peoples, for all of you to email me and Facebook me! Random messages, at random times, whenever you feel like it! Seriously! You know how bad I am at keeping in touch when I have regular computer access; well, think of me without it.

Also, you can call me on my cell phone. If you don't have my number and want it, tell me.

That's about it. Have a good summer, all. If anyone makes it up toward Door County, look me up. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Check out the computers at the technical college in Sturgeon Bay--(NWTC on 14th Street)--and I think you'll find that the "small-townness" of Door County libraries will be to your liking--and lots of branches--check their website to see times & places--they are in Ephraim, Baileys Harbor, Sister Bay, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek. The main library is in Sturgeon Bay.

Joy and happiness to you.

NOT Freddy Jones said...

You got a car? Or is your family just marooning you up there?

Ethan said...

Thank you much, Anonymous Tipster! I am in fact on the computer in the Sister Bay library right now.

Robin, my family marooned me. I have a bike, which is a bit of help.