Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Year-Ending Blurp

I have at least three topics on which to blog, potentially, though I find myself periodically forgetting either what they were or what in particular I had to say about them. I will likely either not mention them again or do several posts in one day to make up for months of silence.

The Owl Service became the 100th full book I read this year. After New Year's I will post a full review of my book list, for all the people who will be soooo interested (read: no one). In the meantime, I have mapped a play that I'm not sure I like, and have read an average of about 3/4s of a book per day since semester ended. Three cheers for vacation.


NOT Freddy Jones said...

Nerd. (:

Also, the word verification is Slikimpa, which sounds to me like either a type of lingerie or a brand of protein drink. Hmm.

Bob son of Bob said...

Lol. It makes me think of weasels for some reason.

Weasel lingerie, or a protein drink made of ground-up weasels. :D

Ethan said...

Also, that last comment was from me not Bobson. The jerk leaving himself signed in I will beat him to death with a ruler.