Thursday, February 04, 2010

Reading Goals

Because yes, on top of being a college student I need to set other goals for myself for things like casual reading, something for which everyone knows college students NEVER EVER HAVE TIME.

I'm not doing the 100-book challenge again, because as I have alluded to before while it was great fun it did push me toward reading shorter books. But Mr. Gee gave me a different almost-challenge which I have decided to accept: to read no books this year under 500 pages long. Except there are a few exceptions to my acceptance.

1. School books, of course. Many of my classes this semester have disappointingly small textbooks.

2. I do intend to read through Scott Fitzgerald's major works this year. That seems like a fine goal in and of itself.

3. I reserve the right to read short works when I feel like it. One needs a short book after a certain number of large tomes.

4. Also, there are a few series that I want to read/finish, not all of which contain 500-page volumes. However, they all have a combined length of 500 pages, so I will read them together and count them as one.

The end.


Heidi said...

In other words, you'll read what you want to this year, whether it is 500 words or not. :P

Ethan said...

You weren't supposed to point that out, but yes. :P

Bruce Gee said...

I was gonna say...! Thatsalotta caveats. But of course, you're free to read whatever you like. Don't let Mr. Gee influence you in the least. Uh uh.