Friday, March 05, 2010

3 Poems

Apathy: A Sonnet

As floodlights flare through foggy dew
Glim'ring yellow and then vanishing,
So do I e'er feel for you,
No matter that you're fair and ravishing.
And when you, darling, descend the stair,
Fair of countenance, lithe of frame,
All I can say is "I don't care,"
Thou all your friends will call me lame.
And at the end of time I'll be,
Perhaps, a sad lonely little man;
But better that than to end up with thee--
At least my own company I can stand.
As long as good fish can dive into the sea,
I'll rest, comfortable, in my apathy.

Maturity: A Love Sonnet

O you are so darling and so dear,
Beautiful in form, academically wise;
Men exotic and men near
Find Faerie flick'ring in your eyes.
And one like me, in lowly place,
Can but stand back and admire
Your clear complexion and your grace,
Your brightly flaring Creator's fire.
And should this grace with which you're gifted
Make you graceful in your turn?
No. You wish your curse was lifted;
And so you all of beauty burn.
I hope for you sake that you do
Grow up and get over you-know-who.

Antipathy: A Sonnet of Romance

Once I had ideals of romance:
Knights and ladies, forms and old conceit.
My ideals never stood a chance
Before your wanton cherubim deceit.
Warmth in your smile lighting up your eyes,
In sympathy you light up lucky lives.
Easy 't were to call it lighted lies,
But real steel lights up real knives.
Out of my benighted scars,
And out of my naive romantic dreams,
You conquered love like the god of Mars
Polluted blue skies and poisoned fragrant streams.
But, love, despite your blackest arts,
You're not an end but merely a new start.

This has been another edition of "Ethan is Amused to an Unwarranted Degree by his Own Work." Tune in next week for our new episode, "Ethan Laughs At His Own Jokes About the Coming Robot Revolution."


NOT Freddy Jones said...

Methinks they aren't giving you enough homework at college.

Ethan said...

Robin, the beauty of this is I wrote them all DURING CLASS. Mwahahaha.

The Celebrated Author said...

After the second one: Voldemort??

Ethan said...

No, TCA, but a good attempt at literary criticism. :P

The Celebrated Author said...

Oh, don't tell me that. You'll disillusion me. I don't want to know how stupid people really are, it's too horrible.

Anan said...

9.6 Hmmmm...

Ethan said...

Maggie: Here! Have some horror! And some depravity! ahahahahaha!!!!

Anna: Are you rolling your eyes or giving me an Olympic-style score? And is that really all you've got? :P

The Celebrated Author said...


Anan said...

I think it's all I had.
I am not surprised that you wrote these all during class, esp. if they were largish lectures. And lucky lucky Maggie.