Thursday, December 16, 2010


Editing NaNo is usually a terrible thing; one is always much less brilliant than one thinks, even when one KNOWS one is writing crap. However, occasionally there is a moment that is worth it, a paragraph that makes one almost understand why one subjected oneself to this month of Hell. I don't know that it's brilliant, but I rather liked this paragraph.

There followed several more meetings: Owen’s reunion with his younger sister Julia, who could see the truth in the things people said, and his reunion with his twin sister Minerva, and with his brother Patreus, and Eleanor’s introduction to all of these people. They sat down to supper then, and in the evening Artemis’ sister Tatiana and her husband James joined them, and they commenced an evening of storytelling, which was an old tradition in the Avalon household. James was a professional fiction writer, but it was the story Patreus told—a story of a time in the far future when all the world had lost its color, had become black and white, in which two lovers saw in each other all the colors of the rainbow—that was unanimously voted the best.

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