Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poetry Blog

A few days ago, I thought, "I should write a poem every day this month."

A few seconds after that, I thought, "Nah."

However, as it happens, I have written a poem every day since then. So apparently it's been three days. At any rate, if I keep this up, I will have 23 poems by the end of the month. And I would want somewhere to go with them besides DA. However, while I occasionally post poetry on this blog, and while it seems to be EVERY OTHER POST these days, I feel as though those who originally signed up for this blog did not sign up for a poetry blog, and whether there's any truth to that or not it's MY BLOG and I'll POST WHATEVER I DARNED WELL PLEASE and, furthermore, I DO NOT DARNED WELL PLEASE to post poems EVERY SINGLE DAY for most of a month.

So in short, I have done something I probably should have done a long time ago, and created a separate poetry blog, on which I shall dump all of my poems. It is here:

I will link it to facebook, so those of you who generally read me there will probably not notice much of a difference.

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