Friday, January 27, 2006



The past week has been busy indeed, but uninterestingly so. Basically a lot of schoolwork, and shelving books at the library; and in the few moments i had free (usually early in the morning or late at night) working on writing projects.

My grandparents were supposed to some down this weekend (they live in St. Croix Falls, about six hours north), but as my grandmother was having back spasms and sick, she didn't think she could make the drive. Aside from being dissapointing, this threw off all our plans for my birthday, which is tomorrow. So I am currently thinking of new plans--probably to go somewhere colorful, such as the movies or a restuarant, as January is so bloody gray.

We watched the movie Big Fish tonight. Very good movie. I had never exactly seen anything like it before. It operated just like a fairy tale, with its own logic.

Thinking of my grandparents reminds me of how my grandpa's story of meeting Picasso. He was in Paris Just after WWII, and met the artist at a party. Asking him about it usually goes something like this:

Asker: So tell us about meeting Picasso.

Grandfather [talking as if it's really not that interesting]: Yeah, I met him at a party, talked to him a little bit.

A: What did you think of him?

G [shrugging]: He wasn't much.


G: Well, he was a wierd little French guy who painted wierd pictures.

Well, now I have to do dishes and/or go to bed.


(Exit, pursued by a bear)


Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Hope your grandmother is feeling better.

That's funny about Picasso. From what I've heard, he wasn't a very friendly or impressive person.

On time some guy sent Picasso a painting he thought was his with a long letter asking if it was, and Picasso sent it back with "NO" paints in huge letters across it. Only catch was tha Picasso then signed it in the corner so it became a very valuable piece. Rather foolish on Picasso's part.


Aaron Nemoyer said...

And the movie is all the more surreal when you sleep and watch it and sleep and watch it, as I am sure you recall from Teigen year. G'day, sirrah!

My word verification, "pyroto". Definition: Aaron with matches in Japan.