Saturday, January 21, 2006


It snowed last night! Been too warm here for snow for like the past month, but last night we got a good couple inches. Enough to be slipping and sliding all the way home from work (across town). And this morning I woke up and outside was all white, like winter should be. Like a white blanket, covering the earth in... in... [trails off into mumbling similes]

The snow made us cancel our church's first official youth group event last night (now that we have more than three 'youth' at our church). That was sad, but in January in WI that sort of thing comes with the territory. Today we had a great snowball fight, my brother and the neighbor girl (she's 9 or so) against me. I had one throw where the snowball angled off him as he spun away, and then hit her and exploded. So that was fun, until they tackled me and buried me alive... But i rose from the grave (zombified, of course) and exacted revenge.

Later i cleaned out my books. I have three grocery bags stuffed with books to get rid of, and still my 'keepers' take up four shelves, a half dozen large milk crates, and several piles on the floor. The problem is I acquire them faster than I can read them, even doing several at once.

Currently I am reading: Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrel (fast becoming an all-time favorite), Exiles by James Joyce (a mediocre play by a brilliant writer), The Lord of Snows and Shadows (high fantasy with an eastern European twist), and The Fire and the Staff by Klemet Prues (an excellent and easily-read book about Lutheran theology). Oh and shall soon start The Great Gadtspy (or however 'tis spelt) for school. Recently found I could not finish Henry James's Washington Square. Not sure why. Possibly because it's the same story that's been told a thousand times--dull girl with a rich inheritance who meets a charming young man who her father thinks is just out for her money. Or possibly because at the same time I was reading Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter for school, and WS is similar in tone and themes and style to SL, but the latter is a far better book.

Guess I'm a bit long-winded tonight. Soon I shall compile a list of must-read recent fantasy books.

Goodnight all!

[Exit, pursued by a bear]


Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

Cool. Snow is fun. I wish we'd get some snow. [growls at the weatherman] They keep saying it will snow.

All those books are on my miles long must-read list.

Aaron Nemoyer said...

Winter has an interesting shift of its magic as we grow older.