Sunday, August 19, 2007


So I read that Mr. Bradbury says, in regards to becoming a good writer, that once you've written a million words you start to know what you're doing. Hmm.

Doing some quick math, I've determined that at a thousand words a day (the rate Mr. Baradbury claims to have written since age 13), it would take around three and a half years to write a million; say I started in six days, at that rate I'd "know what I'm doing" by partway through senior year.

Of course, I'm no Bradbury, and (as proven by the bestseller status of The Da Vinci Code, Eragon, and James Patterson's novels) the general public in this country doesn't give a rip about writing quality these days.

Still, I figure I'm at somewhere over three hundred thousand words. It's something to think about.

Ok, enough bloody introspection. I need to carve up some literature.


Darth Nemoyer said...

And after you become a double NaNoWriMo winner this year, you'll be well over 400,000. Keep pushing on, Clemens Jr.

--A Daemon Ornery

Darth Nemoyer said...

Is Mr. B's thousand a day specifically writing stories or any writing at all?

Ethan said...

He was talking about fiction writing, so I assume he meant fiction. You could probably apply it to NF writing--say, if you wrote a thousand words of essay per day, you might become a spectacular essayist, or something.