Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So, I probably should have posted at least three times at this point, blogging-wise. To sum up, I came to college, went home, and came back. It's going great. Also, it has eaten up pretty much all the free time I used to spend blogging (and writing email, and reading recreationally, and...).

But, I seem to have been tagged. This seems to be some sort of viral game traveling the internet, eating up people's truths and spitting them out in a form that is much the same or rather, is, in fact, the same.

I post this on my blog, and then it will get imported to Facebook by the friendly Internet Faeries.

The rules:

Link the person who tagged you.
Tell seven truths about yourself.
Tag seven new people. (Certain Facebookers will soon feel my wrath.)

Hmm, seven TRUTHS? Oh my... This could get dangerous. Watch for flying fallacies (they're green, and they look kind of like fish, except in tutus [I seem to be feeling very random tonight]).

1. I have nearly read through the complete works of Mark Twain. The only stragglers are A Tramp Abroad, which is a really thick travel book, Following the Equator, same description, and Joan of Arc, a really thick history book that Twain considered his greatest work. Also, I read his Autobiography kind of loopily: I've read the first quarter or so and the last several chapters several times, and the middle chapters all at least once, though none of this in the correct order.

2. Related to number 1, I think that the best way to get to know someone who writes frequently is through their writing. Through being such a nerd, I feel I have gotten to know Mr. Clemens rather well, insofar as one man is ever able to know another. This may be because he put so much of himself into his writing, and because I have sought out the posthumously published stuff that was often very personal and perhaps shouldn't have seen the light of day. There have been times, however, that I have looked at things and situations and thought I knew what Mr. Twain would say, if he were here. Also, I think I reveal more of myself in my stories than I ever do to most people.

3. As for the dating thing, I hardly ever get asked if I have a girlfriend. Except by my grandparents, who immediately jump to the conclusion that I am, ahem, beating the girls off with sticks. While I have some vague plans and hopes in this department, I am not concerned at all about my "single" status, and I consider the mass of people's obsession with dating rather disgusting. If I say much more on this, I will be on for hours, and will either end up in cynicism or sentimentalism, neither of which is a desirable result. So I'll end here.

4. Some people seem to consider me wise, or some such. I am not wise. I do, however, seem to be a good listener, and I have a policy that if my friends need someone to talk to, they can literally tell me anything. If it's wanted, I do try to offer my advice, for what it's worth. Usually it's "Go talk to somebody who knows more about [this subject] than me."

5. I know more about movies and movie stars and directors and even film genres from 60-80 years ago than I do about modern movies... and I love it that way.

6. I am completely unsatisfied with the current level of my writing. I'm talking fiction here, the stuff I really care about. I can see the level I'd like to write at, and I can sort of see how to get there, I'm just not there yet. And I know the only way to get there involves time and practice. It's a tad annoying.

7. Unlike my psych- er, brother, I actually like revealing things about myself. If you want to know something, ask.


NOT Freddy Jones said...

Oooh! Ooh! I have a question! Pick me! Pick me!

Have you shaved off your ugy little beard yet?(And if you haven't, rest assured that I will bug you and bug you and bug you until you do. Trust me, I have the experience to do juuust that.) I think that the other, younger male individual in your family answered this question for me, but... predictably, I forgot.
So, tell me, have you finally come to your senses and realized that the goat-boy look really isn't for you yet?

Ethan said...

Yes, I shaved it off before leaving home again last month. I haven't shaved since then, but I will by the end of Thanksgiving break, so it won't get so bad this time.

Also, it's not goat boy.

PS. You suck.


NOT Freddy Jones said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NOT Freddy Jones said...

Good. Otherwise.. I don't know what would happen. But drastic measures would have had to have been taken.

Whatever you say, goat boy.

P.S. You suck even more.

Most definately NOT sincerly,

Ethan said...


I may have to let it grow now until drastic measures do have to be taken, just out of curiosity as to what they would be.

PS. You AND your face suck.

Way less sincerely than you,

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Don't. You're nerdy-looking enough without it.

P.S. Yeah, well.. uh.. you and your face and.. uh... your books suck. Yeah!

Getting less and less sincerely all the time,

Anan said...

Pssst! His face's face!

Beating girls with sticks is bad. Punching apples at them is another matter.

Ethan said...

The phrase was beating them off with sticks. It's self-defense.

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Good one, Anan.
Except.. then his face's face's face might feel left out...

Oh, and I find that randomly yelling quotes from children's books keeps them away more effectively than sticks, if you don't ask me.

And, and Eaten? Stop telling lies about me to your little brother.

Ethan said...

Ooh, children's books. I haven't tried that yet.

Also, you DO hit people with pool cues. Or did, anyway.

NOT Freddy Jones said...

You should. It really works.(Now you know why I have no friends) They especially don't like Mrs. Goose, and When We Were Very Young.

I have no memory of hitting someone with pool cues... when did I do that? I know that a lot of people are still convinced I hate them and wish them a painful death, but hitting people with pool cues? No, don't think so.

Ethan said...

Jeremy's birthday party, like two years ago. You were annoyed with someone for swearing (I think), and hit them with a pool cue.

And I have photographic evidence of this.

Or something.


NOT Freddy Jones said...

I won't believe it until I see the evidence.
Since I don't remember that.. and I usually remember it when I do/say things to Jeremy's friends.

Wait... I might have... hmm... There was something about not wanting them to swear...
But I thought I hit them with a foam ball, though, not a pool cue.

Ethan said...

There may have been a foam ball involved too, but I distinctly remember the pool cue. It was one of those half-as-long-as-normal ones, whatever the crap those are called.

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Eh... nope.
Foam balls I might have used, but I do not remember any pool cues being involved.
Besides, that sounds suspiciously fabricated.. beating girls off with sticks.. girls hitting people with pool cues, which are really just long sticks.

Colin once again said...

ur goatboy lolz! haha goatboy! he only thinks hesa goat when hes on pot thogh.

Ethan said...

Robin: no fabrication involved, just good ol' American Truth.

Colin: It strikes me that I, the supposed druggie, seem to be a much more coherent communicator and have far better grammar and spelling than you, the presumed "clean" one.

Anan said...

Ethan... what do I have to do to get rid of these crazy people for you?

Ethan said...

Er... be so pathological that they run away screaming?

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Eaten: I don't believe you.

Anan: try it, you'll never get rid of me.. short of running down the street naked, or something like that...

Colin: Would you be so kind as to go tie yourself up in the corner, please?

Anan said...

Not Freddy: I wouldn't say such things if I were you.

::eats Not Freddy's hat::

Bob son of Bob said...

aaahhh, Colin. you smell horrible, i can smell you from here.

but yes, he is a goat boy

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Anan: I shall say what I like, when it tis the truth.

Yes, Bob, he is, he is a goat boy.

Ethan said...


Ethan said...

I'm not sure I like all these juveniles commenting on my blog, especially in light of what they're saying.

No, actually, I don't have any problem with what Anan's said so far.

The rest of you, go back to Juvee where you belong. Your parole officers are getting worried/upset.

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Sorry, sah, but I'm afraid I lost my parole officer a long time ago. The wolverines that lurk behind the willow tree didn't like him that much.

Colin said...

dude, you got a perole officer?

Ethan said...

Pay attention!

1. It's 'parole.'

2. It was their parole officers I was talking about. Therefore, no, I did not get a parole officer.

colin said...

oh,why not?

Anonymous said...

Colin, you are a dumbass.

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Ethan needs much, much more than a parole officer, that's why.

Ethan said...

Right, Anon, watch your mouth. There are those who might possibly be ladies present.

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Might possibly be ladies? Wow, what a title to be given!
Oh.. what was that? You were referring to Colin? Oh, I see.

Ethan said...

Er, yes. As that seems to be the interpretation most likely to lead to my survival, I will officially support it.

Robin said...

Your survival? What does this have to do with your survival?

colin said...

im not a ladie!

he survives on drugs.

i hate that word verificator

Ethan said...

I dunno, Colin babe, you sure harp on things like a lady.

I survive on my brilliance and native wit.

The word verificator is my friend, don't you go insulting him/her.

NOT Freddy Jones said...

It's lady, laddie.

No, he survives on English alone. Drugs have nothing to do with it.