Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another Day Older, In These Exiled Years...

So, it's 2008. That means there are only two more years till the new decade. I know that's a largely insignificant fact, but it makes me feel old, somehow. We're getting beyond Science Fiction territory, now. All the old stories, it seems, take us up to the millennium or just beyond it, or make the leap into the year 3000 or something. There is very little literature to guide us past, say, 2010.

For New Year's Eve, Zeke and I went to the Gehlbachs' (who are insanely awesome) for an insanely awesome New Year's Eve party, where we had enormous fun with a group of MouthHousers and the like. I would write a post about it, but Nat has already done so, and what I wrote would basically be that post with the viewpoint shifted.

However, it does strike me that I haven't posted here since school started, since "Tag" posts don't count.

School has, in all vital aspects, been going very well. A large percentage of the students there annoy me in one way or another, but that is only because it's extremely hard to find a group of more than five of my peers where the majority of them don't annoy me (the crowd at Gehlbachs' being an exception). I have made a few awesome friends, and I prefer a few awesome ones to a bunch of average ones. My introversion does come into play, though, as there are a few others I would like to have gotten to know better but haven't. Ah well.

The adjustment to school wasn't particularly difficult, at least in regard to obstacles. The worst thing was leaving my family. Oh, I was excited about it in August; I had a mental list of stuff I was happy to get away from. However, by the beginning of October, the list of stuff I missed was longer and more convincing. I have (necessarily) been far more extroverted at school than ever before, which wears on me sometimes. The biggest thing, though, has been the necessity of getting up, getting dressed etc, and being in a specific place on time each day. Also, the whole actually having to have homework done when it's supposed to be done was a bit of a change. But, while these things were new, they weren't really challenges. (I overslept a total of one time the whole semester, which surprised even me.)

While I'm not hopping for break to be over, I'm not dreading next semester, which is a good sign.

Thus the obligatory ramble. It hardly seems long enough to make up four months of silence, but such is life.

As for New Year's Resolutions, I don't really make them. They always end up being the same resolutions I make every day and have an equal success or failure if I make them specially at the beginning of the year. While a good reason to, say, have a party, the New Year never seems like that big a deal to me. "The thing that hath been, is that which shall be, and the thing which is done, is that which shall be done, and there is no new thing under the sun. And all is vanity and vexation of spirit."


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Ethan said...

On the theological level, we are exiled on earth from our rightful place with our Father in Heaven.

On the aesthetic level, I liked the way it sounded. :P

Ethan said...

"Rightful" here not implying that we sinners deserve to be there, of course.