Friday, November 07, 2008

Well, At Least I Voted

In honor of our new president-elect, my roommate and I have pooled our Hallowe'en candy into one community box from which all may draw an equal share; and we are now sharing a bottle of shampoo. Yes, we can.


Rachel D said...


Specifically, my equal share of your shampoo.

Ethan said...

Well, you have to move to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ethan and Aaron's Room.

But the neighboring community might have a problem with that, considering it's an all-guys dorm. :P

Rachel D said...

It's okay, I'll just dress as Captain Hammer and everything will be fine!

And I get free shampoo out of the bargain!

Anan said...

Congrats on this lovely short post. 'tis quite remarkable.

Nat said...

Uh, yeah, I didn't get any Hallowe'en candy, on account of on Hallowe'en I was otherwise preoccupied, and also I didn't buy any. Therefore I demand that I too receive an equal share of your candy.

I'll use my own shampoo, though, thankyouverymuch.

Ethan said...

Rachel: Excellent plan. I don't see what could go wrong.

Anan: Why, thanks.

Nat: You are not yet a member of the commonwealth! You must move in if you want to be counted as part of the people.

But we have generic baby shampoo!

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Lovely little post. Made me smile quite a bit.

Are you now sharing a towel and razor, too?

(Look! I mentioned the 'R' word without a single beard or satyr-related comment! Aren't you proud of me?)

Rachel D said...

I know, right? I deem this Plan "Cannot Possibly Fail".

Now to go and buy that Captain Hammer shirt.

Ethan said...

Thankee, unFred. But no; there are some places at which even liberals draw their limits.

And yes, proud as a West Virginian father at his daughter's shotgun wedding.

Ethan said...

Oh, and Rachel, I want to ask a question about your hammer. But I will refrain, as this is a family blog.


Rachel D said...

I was going to say it's actually a screwdriver, but I thought that was a bad plan and I didn't say it. Aren't you proud of me?

I'm still waiting for that shampoo.

Ethan said...

So proud, Rachel. Like the father of one of Solomon's concubines.

(I apologize. Something about Tech Week makes me come up with horrible metaphors.)

You have to join the commonwealth. Once you swear the oath in blood, you will have your shampoo.

The Celebrated Author said...

To each his or her own, according to his or her needs and capabilities. So I need a lot of shampoo. And conditioner. And the shampoo can't be any off-brand, either. It just doesn't work.

Gosh, about this being a family blog, I feel surprisingly like blushing myself into the very ground.

And to Ethan's last comment: I have no blood. I need to use some from the common pool.

Ethan said...

Hmm. A difficult citizen. Very well.

Nice expression, there; so many girls have said similar things about things I say. It's a remarkable phenomenon.

Blood from the common pool is easily done. That's what we have keys and cups for.