Friday, October 31, 2008

NaNo Time

Has come again. I'm doing it this year, despite being possibly the busiest I've ever been. I think I'll make it. I think. God help me.


NOT Freddy Jones said...

Good luck! And God help us both.
Do you, at least, have a plot?

Ethan said...

Back at ya, Not Fred. Plot? Who needs that? ;)

NOT Freddy Jones said...

Heheh, true. I admit, it's a lot more fun this year without one.

The Celebrated Author said...

Oh, come on. Of course you'll win. Do you not even remember last year?

This is late because some people take time to pound out thousands of words.

Ethan said...


Yeah, but I have SOME doubt about this year. It's disconcerting. Which is probably a good thing.