Tuesday, January 08, 2008

True Love ("Twue Wove")

Some people, I've noticed, seem to consider this concept of "True Love" as if it were a theological point--something worth mulling at length, considering, forming an opinion on, and trying to argue others out of their opinions if they think them wrong. This is all, in my opinion, incredibly stupid.

Love itself, especially the romantic kind, is an incredibly slippery concept. It seems that no matter what brilliant conclusion you've reached about it, no matter what platitude you decide to subscribe to and spew forth, there is always something--a historical precedent, a possible scenario, logic--something to disrupt said conclusion.

Asking someone if they believe in "True Love" is liking asking them if they believe in the Hero With a Thousand Faces.

Ask me to explain that sentence. I won't. It is its own explanation.


Nat said...

My response to this got so long that I just put it on my blog.


ellen said...

it's a lot easier to define love by what it isn't than by what it is.