Monday, October 27, 2008

Red Eye, Final Impressions

We had the actual festival here last (Sunday) night. Our film played remarkably well. Aaron and I decided that it kind of turned out somewhat decently, which is about the highest praise we'll give a project we're heavily involved with.

The films themselves, ours included, were noted by more than one source as being rather morbid. Lots of killing, lots of death, lots of depression. I am tempted to dismiss this as typical of student films, because it is. But I also remember that last year's Oscars were supposedly the "dark Oscars," what with Sweeney-Todd and No Country and There Will Be Blood being the major contenders; and I wonder if some of that spirit has trickled down to our student film makers.

I would go on a long ranting memoir at this point, but I have no time. Suffice to say, it was good, it was fun, and I will do it again next year.


Bruce Gee said...

Did you get a grade of:"It kind of turned out somewhat decently"?

What kind of justice would that be, eh???!! Cool.

Why are the movies dark? It's part of the presidential election cycle. We'll all settle down and make happy, mostly pink, smiley movies for another two years, when the next presidential election cycle will once again crank up.

But for now, there will be blood. Political parties, like churches, shoot their wounded.

Boy. Is that dark.

Ethan said...

hahaha. You're probably right. Also, we didn't get a grade, but that probably would have been about the one we would've gotten.