Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red Eyes and Blurry Brains

Well, people, we've done it. The movie is six minutes long, and thanks to a very good technical editor (Aaron N.), it looks and sounds fantastic. The blighter sat down at a computer program that I've had training with and he's had none, and within an hour knew it better than I do.

Everyone in the group, really, was fantastic in their own way. I want to write personal tributes to all of them, but I can sense even now that they would turn into sappy Hallmark moments.

Some things I've learned or gleaned from this experience:

-Large egos in projects like this are NOT GOOD. You pretty much have to sublimate personal pride and glory-seeking for the good of the group. (At least, that's the only way it worked for us. I have no idea how those hollywood types do it, with all the egotistical actors and actresses and directors and such. I suppose they figure out how to work around each other.)

-I've concluded that it's a miracle good movies get made AT ALL. There are so many things that have to come together--acting, composition, lighting, writing, and on and on. And those things are ALL skilled trades in and of themselves...

-I seem to enjoy the pre-production and production stages, but less so the editing and fine-tuning. This, however, strikes me as something many people newly getting into film making would be apt to say.

-I am tired. I have slept 7 of the last 48 hours. It is time for bed.


NOT Freddy Jones said...

So, what part did you play in this? Script-writer? Actor? Coffee-boy?

Ethan said...

I co-wrote the four-page script, somehow got elected director, and did the rough edit of the final product. Also, I was a mugger, so I got about 4 seconds of screen time. Oh, and I was one of the caterers.

Darth Nemoyer said...

Mr. Ethan did better work than he claims. He's pretty definitely the best director of us, wrote the script with some minimal intrusions from me, does a fantastic job of mugging cute little puppies, and was altogether the one responsible for the piecing together our rough filming the way it was supposed to show on screen. He also was entirely to blame for the idea of buying the crew doughnuts, even if I was the one crazy enough to take the longer walk and pay for it with money I barely have. :P

Ethan said...

Yeah, yeah... :P

Rachel D said...

Good Ethan, telling everyone they should have doughnuts. A man after my own heart.

Especially the 'Making Aaron Pay' bit. :P